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Maldives: The Sunny Side of Life

Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean–Arabian Sea area, consisting of a double chain of twenty-six atolls, oriented north-south, that lie between Minicoy Island (the southernmost part of Lakshadweep, India) and the Chagos Archipelago. The chains stand in the Laccadive Sea, and the capital, MalĂ©, is about 600 kilometers south-west of India and 750 kilometers south-west of Sri Lanka. The capital and largest city is Male. The currency is Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR).

Some interesting facts are:
1. Maldives is the lowest country in the world. Its ground level is averaged at 1.5 meters (4 feet 11 inches), and its highest point, a certain spot in Villingili Island that stands at 2.3 meters (7 feet 7 inches), is the lowest on the planet. Because the country is low-lying, Maldivians worry about the possibility of it sinking, especially now that climate change continues to take effect.

2. To raise awareness on climate change, Maldives held an underwater cabinet meeting in 2009. It was the first country in the world to do so.

3. Ninety-nine percent of Maldives is water.

4. It has 98% literacy rate.

5. Not only is Maldives the smallest country in Asia, it is also the smallest Muslim country in the world.

6. 1,190 coral islands grouped into 26 atolls (200 inhabited islands, plus 80 islands with tourist resorts); archipelago with strategic location astride and along major sea lanes in Indian Ocean. And Ninety-nine percent of Maldives is water.

7. The Maldives is a Muslim state, meaning that alcohol has been banned. But never fear, cocktail lovers, you can find alcohol in hotels and resorts that cater to tourists. But you will not be able to drink alcohol anywhere else in public.

8. The crescent moon stands for Islam, the green section represents palm trees, and the red background symbolizes the blood shed by Maldivian heroes.

9. Maldives is one of the safest travel destinations on the planet – the island resorts, specifically, since they are largely isolated.

10. Tourism and fishery form the two major industries supporting the Maldivian economy.

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